MLITER Electric Food Slicer 150W Motor 7.5 Inch Blades Heavy Duty Casting Aluminium Case 2 Blades Available Thickness Adjustable For Bread Cheese Vegetables Fruits Meats

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As we all know, a professional chef comes with a special skill--excellent slicing. Here is a MLITER food slicer, which makes your slicing symmetrical in shape. So that even you are not a chef, your slicing can be compared to a chef. This machine with a compact size, 0mm-15mm adjustable thickness, perfectly use at home and restaurants. It with 150w powerful motor for continuous slicing operation. 2 pieces of 7.5 inch interchangeable stainless steel blades ensures its various slicing and easy to clean up. It can slice a variety of boneless meats, deli thin meats, wafer-thin ham, breads, vegetables, fruits, cheese effortlessly. Own this economical and space-saving slicer, and enjoy the perfectly sliced fresh bread every morning!  



2 Interchangeable BladesIt comes with a non-serrated and a serrated stainless steel blade to meet diffeterent slicing needs, it can slice boneless meats, ham, breads, vegetables, fruits, cheese effortlessly, and slice roasts into steakspork into chops or venison into jerky slices conveniently.

Precise Thickness Adjustable: The slices thickness can be controlled between 0mm-15mm with the thickness control knob, easily slices through frozen meat up to a maximum thickness of 5/8 inch.


Quiet Running 150W Powerful MotorThe slicer is belt-driven, and it with 150w powerful motor, which ensures easily slice through tough meats and thick bread and running quietly at 85 db low noise. It will not disturb others when working.


Thoughtful & Safety In Use: plastic food pusher as a guard(finger protector), which with shallow spikes for gripping meat, bread and cheesesIndependent power switch for safe use. 4 Anti-slip rubber feet for stability during operation.


Easy Cleaning Design: Cast aluminum housing, stainless steel sliding carriage, removable stainless steel blades are cleanable by soft cloth. Smooth gliding carriage ensures slicing uniform pieces, you can also tilts out it for easy cleaning.


Suitable For Various Food Slicing: Precisely cut salamis, meats, cheeses, breads, vegetables into slices. Preparing jerky, sandwich, healthy salad, deli trays, buffet food, turkey, hams, chicken or roast beef for entertaining party. Also suitable for preparing foods for dehydrating or prepping foods to freeze. Please note that the max food’s size is 4.25 x 4.25 x 3.5 when slicing.



Color: Silver
Blade Material: Stainless Steel
Motor Case Material: Cast Aluminum
Food Pusher Material: Plastic
Food Carriage Material: Stainless Steel and Plastic
Cutting Blade Diameter: 190mm / 7.5"
Max. Size of Food(L * W * H): 4.25 x 4.25 x 3.5

Rated power: 150W
Noise Emission: ≤ 85 db
Product Dimension: 38cm x 23.5cm x 27cm(14.96 *9.25 *10.63 )
Item Weight: 3.75kg

Package includes:
1* MLITER Food Slicer
2* Blade
1* User manual    



1. “I” and “0 ” is power switch, “I” for power ON , “0” for power OFF.

2.  Do not use the machine over 10 minutes in case overheat, turn it off for at least 30 mins to cool down.

3. Please thaw frozen meat to partly frozen before slicing.  

4. Please read the user manual carefully after you receive this product.

5. Please mind your fingers when slicing.

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