FLOUREON Metal Detector with Pinpoint Function for Kids Adults, High-Accuracy Gold Detector Kit with Adjustable Sensitivity Large Waterproof Coil LCD Display, Includes Headphone Folding Shovel & Pouch

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2 DETECTION MODES: this metal finder detects all types of metal under All-Metal mode, distinguishes between target and unwanted metal under DISC mode; it has 3 tones of beep sound for different metal categories which makes it easier to identify the metal being detected

PINPOINT FUNCTION: when you long-press the pinpoint button and move slowly, the gold digger will help to find the exact location of your target by making a constant beep sound and showing its approximate depth in the ground, enables you to find your target accurately

HIGH SENSITIVITY: 25.5 cm(10 inches) diameter waterproof search coil detects coin-sized objects up to 18 cm(7 inches) deep, allows you to find gold nuggets more efficiently and cover more ground even in shallow water; you can adjust the sensitivity according to different ground conditions

THOUGHTFUL DESIGN: the length of its stem can be adjusted to suit the height of adults or kids; cushioned handgrip and armrest with strap prevent arm fatigue; LCD display with backlight allows you to easily read the metal type, depth, and battery indicator in dark place

METAL DETECTOR KIT: package includes 1 x metal detector, 1 x headphone, 2 x 9V battery, 1 x foldable shovel, 1 x storage pouch for shovel, 1 x user manual; the headphone helps you detect metals in noisy locations with adjustable volume; assembly is simple and quick



Here’s a world of treasures waiting to be discovered just beneath the ground surface, and this metal detector is perfect for you to start your treasure hunting adventure, or to introduce your child to the thrill of discovery. Featuring a 10 inches search coil for added depth and sensitivity, this metal finder detects coin-sized objects up to 7 inches deep and larger objects up to 5 feet deep. It’s able to detect up to 6 types of metal including coins, relics, jewelry, gold, and silver. You can use All-Metal mode to detect all types of metal or use the DISC mode to discriminate between target and unwanted metal. The pinpoint function enables you to locate your target accurately.

Product Specifications:

Material: ABS housing + aluminum alloy stem

Display: LCD with backlight

Power source: 2 x 9V (6F22) battery (included) 

Metal detector weight: 1.25 kg (2.8 lbs)

Max length: 135 cm/52 in

Min Length: 108.2 cm/42.6 in

Package Contents:

1 x FLOUREON metal detector

1 x Pair of headphone

1 x Folding Shovel

1 x Storage pouch for shovel

1 x User manual

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