Floureon 400ml Professional Ultrasonic Cleaner For Glasses Waterproof Watches Rings Necklaces Coins

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FLOUREON 400ml Professional Ultrasonic Cleaner Polishing Jewelry ,perfect for Cleaning Glasses Waterproof Watches Rings Necklaces Coins Razors Dentures



This FLOUREON professional stainless steel ultrasonic cleaner will restore the beauty of your valuable objects by generating 40KHz ultrasonic waves to effectively remove dirt and grim from the objects such as jewellery,household commodities, glasses, coins and more.Extremely easy to operate, just fill the tank with no more than 400ml water and get effective cleaning results in just 3 minutes.Want to make you valuable objects “like new”? FLOUREON professional ultrasonic cleaner can help you.

Suggested applications: 
1.Personal Items: Glasses,Dentures,Toothbrushes,Razor Blades,Baby Items etc.
2.Jewelry: Necklaces,Rings,Earrings,Bracelets,Waterproof Watch etc.

- 400ml tank capacity for professional cleaning
- 40KHz ultrasonic frequency for superior cleaning effect
- One button operation, make cleaning much more easier
- 3 minutes auto shut off system makes it easy to control
- Mini Size, pretty portable 
- Anti-skid feet design,care you in every details

- Tank capacity:400ml
- Ultrasonic Frequency:40kHz
- Timer:3MIN
- Ultrasonic Power:35W
- Product Size:205(L)*115(W)*90(H)mm
- Tank size:155(L)*80(W)*40(H)mm
- Product size:155*80*40mm
- Power Supply:DC220-240V,50Hz

Product List

-1×Ultrasonic Cleaner


1.Our product used only for glasses in good condition, damaged glasses equipped with coated plastic lenses even the smallest damage are not suitable for ultrasonic cleaning
1.It is normal for the water getting warmer when the ultrasonic is working
2.Do not exceed the max line when fill the tank with water 

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