Finether OL12-BD023A 12L/Day Dehumidifier with 2L Water Tank, Drain Hose and Auto Defrost

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Finether OL12-BD023A 12L/Day Dehumidifier with 2L Water Tank, Drain Hose, and Auto Defrost

Keep your home perfectly dry, fresh, and mold-free with this super-quiet Finether OL12-BD023A Dehumidifier. Ideal for spaces up to 15-20 m², the dehumidifier runs quietly (≤38 decibels) and absorbs up to 12 liters of moisture from damp air per day at 30 °C, 80% RH. It has a removable 2-liter water tank that can be emptied manually or drained continuously by attaching the included hose. The auto-defrost function saves you the trouble of dealing with ice forming inside the unit. The device also features 3 dehumidification modes, 2 fan speeds, 1-12h on/off timer, 30%-80% RH humidity level, child lock, etc. Built-in 4 smooth-rolling casters for easy movement.

This is the perfect dehumidifier for bedrooms, bathrooms, and laundry rooms to help maintain healthy humidity levels.

Whisper-Quiet Operation

The dehumidifier operates at just 38 decibels—which is quieter than an average library. That means you can run it throughout the night without worrying about the noise disturbing your sleep.

Compact Size & Easy Movement

With dimensions of just 25.5 x 22 x 47 cm, it's sure to fit just about anywhere in any room. The dehumidifier has 4 built-in smooth-rolling castors to aid in the transport of the unit from one room to the next.

Automatic Shut-Off & Defrost Function

Once the water tank is full, or when the ideal room humidity is reached, the dehumidifier will automatically shut off.

When frosts are detected on the surface of the cooling plate, the dehumidifier will turn off the compressor and continue to run the fan in order for warmer room air to cycle and assist with the thawing process.

Detachable & Washable Air Filter

The detachable air filter prevents hair and dust from entering the unit and can be easily washed.

  • 15-20 m²coverage area
  • Auto-defrost function prevents the frost from building up
  • Extracts up to 12 liters of water out of the air per day at 30 °C, 80% RH
  • 2-liter removable water tank
  • 1-meter hose for continuous drainage
  • Full tank alert
  • The whisper-quiet motor produces just 38 decibels
  • 4 built-in smooth-rolling castors
  • 3 dehumidification modes: common mode, laundry mode, and sleep mode
  • Laundry mode helps your clothes dry faster
  • The detachable and washable air filter keeps hair and dust out of the unit
  • The water level window helps monitor the level of water in the tank
  • LEDdigital panel
  • Settings include: 3 dehumidification modes, 2 fan speeds, 1-12h on/off timer, 30%-80% RH humidity level, and child lock


Coverage Area: 15-20 m²

Water Tank Capacity: 2 L

Water Tank Location: Back

Dehumidification Capacity: 12 L per day at 30 °C, 80% RH

Modes: 3 (common mode/laundry mode/sleep mode)

Number of Fan Speeds: 2

Moisture Setting: 30%-80% RH

Timer: Yes (1-12h on/off timer)

Child Lock: Yes

Noise Level: ≤38 dB

Working Temperature: 5-35 °C

Drain Hose Connection: Yes

Drain Hose Included: Yes

Control Type: Digital

Rated Voltage: AC 220-240 V/50 Hz

Dimensions & Weight

Product Dimensions: 25.5 cm W x 22 cm D x 47 cm H

Product Weight: 11 kg


Shell: ABS plastic

Care & Maintenance

Wash the air filter regularly to stop it from blocking up.

Package includes

1 x Dehumidifier

1 x Drain hose

1 x User manual


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