Finether Dehumidifier 12L/D Home Air Dehumidifier 24h Timer LED Digital Display Child Lock Auto Defrost

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12L/D Intelligent Multi-model Dehumidifier Continuous Drying Clothes Energy Saving Damp Mould Home Bedrooms

    The Finether dehumidifier is modern, portable and quiet-operating. Design with the electronic control panel and touch button technology, it brings you a good experience of intelligent domestic equipment. Based on the principle of refrigerative technology, it is capable of extracting 12L moisture per day (at 30℃, 80RH%), helpful in reducing and controlling excess moisture, mildew, dust mites and condensation in your room.

There three modes(Auto mode, Common mode and Continuous clothes drying mode) meet your different demands in dehumidification. Equipped with an 1.5L removable water tank and a continuous drainage outlet, it is convenient to empty the water from the tank or directly connected a hose into the drainage outlet.The unit will auto stop and water full indicator light will show red once the tank is full, no need to worry about water leakage. The activated carbon washable filter can absorb poisonous gas and unpleasant odors, control the growth of common allergens that maybe damaging to a persons health and home.And child-lock function can effectively prevent children from accidentally touching the keys.The strong carry handle and universal castors of the unit enable you to move it from room to room easily and it is absolutely a wonderful home appliance for dehumidifying.

- Dehumidifying max capacity: 12L/day (at 30℃, 80%RH) 

- 1-24h auto on/off timer: it is able to auto start or shutdown the dehumidifier at desired time.
- LED digital display and touch button control system

- Child-lock function,Under child lock status ,all buttons will be locked and can not to be operated 

- Quiet operation: low noise≤45dB
- Multi-mode option: Auto mode(default), Common mode or Continuous drying clothes mode. The compressor and the fan speed would adjust automatically and intelligently in different environment.  

- 40-80%RH adjustable auto humidity data: set the humidity level between 40-80%RH by pressing "humidity" key. The unit will check the humidity automatically and take appropriate action to maintain a constant level.
- Three-color humidity LED indicator light: Room humidity<60%RH, blue light. 60%RH≤room humidity<80%RH, green light. Room humidity≥80%RH, red light.
- Activated carbon filter help to reduce the unwanted odors and effectively filter indoor air. What’s more, it is convenient to detach and clean up air filter, getting free from blocking with dust.

- Water full protection: auto stop dehumidifing once water tank is full, tank full indicator shows red and the unit will warn.
- Drying laundry function: switch into drying clothes mode by pressing "Mode" key, the fan speed will be high and the default humidity is 20%RH.

- Continuous drainage outlet: insert the attached hose(9.5mm dia.) into the continuous drainage port, then the dehumidification water can be continuous drained from the unit.
- Strong carry handle and universal castors: easy to move from room to room.

   - Dehumidify max capacity: 12L/D(30℃, 80%RH)
   - Water tank max capacity: 1.5L
   - Noise: ≤45dB(A)
   - Usage temperature: 5℃-35℃
   - Rated voltage: AC220-240V/50Hz
   - Rated input power: 180W
   - Rated current: 1.1A
   - Refrigerant charge: R290/65g
   - Dimensions of product: 315x180x492mm
   - Weight of product: 11kg

Notes (Please read notices before using the dehumidifier):

1.After delivered, keeping this unit in an up-right down position for 4-6 hours before using
2.Always keep the unit in an up-right position to avoid leakage.
4.No open flames, cigarettes or other possible sources of ignition should be used inside or in the vicinity of the units.
5.The unit should be applied in proper environmental temperature(5℃-35℃).
6.Do not block the air inlet grid or outlet grid with air blocking material such as clothing, paper and plastic bags.
7.Clean the air filter every 2 weeks to prevent the filter clogged by dust.
8.Do not remove the float in the water tank, otherwise, the machine can not work or power on.
9.Turn off the unit and unplug it before any maintenance or repair to avoid electric shocks.
10.If the unit will not be used for an extended period of time, unplug the unit and drain the water tank completely, clean up the air filter and make it dry and then reinstall. Store the unit in a cool, dry location.


  -1x Dehumidifier with UK plug
  -2x hose (9.5mm dia.)
  -1x Activated carbon filter
  -1x User manual

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