360 S6 Robot Vacuum Cleaner 1800Pa Suction Mopping Sweeping Mode APP Remote Control LDS Lidar SLAM Algorithm - Black

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360 is a leading Technology company with a large and active user base, listed in New York in 2011, offering user-friendly IOT products worldwide, such as smart camera, robot vacuum cleaner and other technology products. 360’s aim is to provide best shopping and user experience as well as world class service.

360 aims to provide a more intelligent and convenient user experience to all customers. We provide a 12-month return robotic vacuums (includes built-in lithium battery) and its related accessories (charging dock, power cord, water tank). 
Battery: 3200mAh
Dust Bin: 0.4L
Water Tank: 80ml
Operation Time: 90-120 mins
Working Area: 1615sq ft
Mopping Area: 430sq ft

What’s in the Box 
1* S6 Main unit 
1* Charging dock 
1* Water tank 
1* Mop 
1* User manual 
1* Cleaning tools 
1* Power adapter with universal plugs 
1* Washable filter 

LDS Navigation 
The LDS lidar is able to scan 2,160 times per second to generate highly accurate HD maps even in total darkness. Computed with SLAM algorithm, 360 robot vacuum then plans intelligent cleaning and real-time routes to ensure sweep and mop high coverage in the highest efficiency. 

2 in 1 Sweeping & Mopping 

Advanced blower motor generates strong vacuum power with low-noise super suction. The nylon brush bristles can effectively clean various floor particles. Finally, the water tank will evenly distribute water through the mop to ensure a clean and non-slippery floor. 

Recharge and Resume 
360 robot vacuum automatically returns to charging dock when the battery is low, ensuring it’s always charged and always ready to clean. Resume earlier cleaning task when fully charged increasing the efficiency of house cleaning. Set a daily cleaning time through the mobile app and start cleaning after leaving home.
Washable HEPA filter 
Wash the filter directly with water. It can maintain 95% filtration performance even after one year of washing and avoid air re-contamination. Moreover, the washable filter can filter household dust, pet dander, mold spores and plant pollens giving you a healthy and allergy free household. 
Off Limit 
You can spot clean and draw areas that you want cleaned or define off-limit areas. The vacuum will skip those automatically. You just need to set off limit area via the app. There is no need to pay extra attention to building virtual walls and sticking anti-collision strips. 
Multiple Map Saving 
The mobile app is able to save multiple maps for convenient and quick cleaning of houses with more than one floor. After the map is saved, the efficiency of the robot vacuum will be greatly improved. It can clean unimpeded in the house.
Adjustable Cleaning Modes 
Choose silent mode with suction of 800Pa, standard mode with 1300Pa-1500Pa, or powerful mode with 1800Pa to meet different cleaning needs by switching among different modes. Please note that the higher the suction, the louder the noise level will be. 

Multiple Sensors 
With 24 precise sensors and smart system, anti-collision sensors prevent 360 robot vacuum from damaging your furniture and wall; and anti-drop sensors prevent vacuum from falling down stairs and off ledges. 360 robot vacuum gives you a best user experience. 

The 360 robot vacuum can plan intelligent cleaning routes because of slam algorithm. Although only 3200mAh of battery capacity can beat the 5200mAh battery capacity of the robot vacuum. The robot vacuum cleaner of energy saving and environmental protection is your perfect choice. 

Non-Stop Cleaning 
360 robot vacuum can climb at a 25° elevation angle or over objects up to 0.7 inches high. It will not stop even if it meets a threshold. It can Identify carpets and automatically increase suction for deep cleaning, making a thorough cleaning of the dust and pet hair. 

Ideal for the home with pets 
No more worry about pets at home. The 360 robot vacuum effectively clean pet hair while giving your pets another fun toy to go after. The smart features and powerful suction can bring more fun to the family. 

Before using this vacuum, please read the user manual carefully. 
The robot vacuum can clean floor and carpet, but it cannot clean carpet and floor in dark color, for example: Black color carpet. It will be detected as stair step by cliff sensor, the robot vacuum won't go there for safety reasons. 
There are 4 kinds of universal plugs in the box (under adapter), please find US plug to change it. 
2.4Ghz Wi-Fi required. 

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