R+D Policy


Research & Development


Excelvan is all about innovation. Our aim is to develop innovative electronics that allow our customers to enjoy all the benefits of modern day technology at an affordable price. Our team of industry professionals and engineers are working around the clock to develop new products for you. At Excelvan, we stimulate an open and creative environment with open lines of communication between our different departments. In this way, our engineers can take the direct advice and feedback of other employees and customer feedback into consideration when developing our newest gizmos. This allows us to co-create the technology of the future.


Throughout the past years, Excelvan has launched numerous innovative smart electronic, security product and sport etc. Our electronic gadgets have made the lives of millions of people more efficient and enjoyable. In 2018, we aim to further enhance our research and development by bringing more innovative products on the market than ever before. Not only do we focus on technological innovation, but also on the user experience of our customers. With Excelvan, you can be guaranteed that you’ll always enjoy the latest technology available for an outstanding and performance and user experience.