Excelvan Environment Policy


Corporate Social Responsibility


At Excelvan, we believe that it is our responsibility to think and behave green. As of such, we put a high importance on Corporate Social Responsibility. All our products have been crafted out of safe and environmentally friendly materials to reduce negative impacts on both our employees and the environment. Not only does this improve our working standards, it also improves the overall user experience and safety of our consumers.


We strive that all our products are of the best quality in the world but, at the same time, also are the best for the world. We are ever trying to improve our social and environmental policies to make our business practices as green as possible. Besides using safe and environmentally friendly materials, we also aim to reduce waste as much as possible. Our facilities work as efficient as possible in order to minimize waste. We furthermore use packaging made from recycled materials which further adds to our green business model.


With every new product we invent, our aim is to improve the lives of our customers and leave the planet a better place than we found it. Our goal is to further develop our environmental and social responsibility in the future by making our supply chain and production line even more efficient. Although we reached our goal of being green in the past, we are far from finished. At Excelvan, we aim to go further than other companies by reducing the greenhouse gasses produced by our production and transportation processes. Our practices are greener than most we always believe there is room for improvement. We strive to be ranked among the greenest companies on the planet.