Portable Garment Steamer Handheld Clothes Iron Steamer for Home and Travel

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A POWERFUL WRINKLE REMOVER: our steamer features a 1500W heater to heat up in only 30 seconds; it produces high-temperature steam of 100 °C (212 °F)to remove the wrinkles, odors and also sanitizes and sterilizes harmful objects off your clothes

IDEAL FOR A TRAVEL: Sancusto steamer is very compact and lightweight to carry to make you look great every day in your vacation; you can steam your clothes for as long as 11 minutes thanks to the large 260 ml (8.8 ounces) water tank

UPDATED DESIGN: the structure of our garment steamer is updated for better air-tightness to avoid leaking or spurting during use; the lock ON feature of the button lets you steam more conveniently

PERFECT FOR VARIOUS MATERIALS: this steamer effectively removes wrinkles from various fabrics such as silk, cotton, polyester, yarn, flax, wool; it not only works on your clothes but also curtains and drapery, bedding, upholstery and more

MAKES THE JOB EASIER: a 2-in-1 fabric brush (included) helps loosen fibers and create the perfect fold; the steamer allows you to iron clothes without ironing board to save space and avoid scorching your favorite outfit

Ironing service in the hotel could be risky and may mess up your clothes, Sancusto travel garment steamer gives you another choice to take care of your outfits on your own and keeps you look great! Our powerful 1500W steamer creates high-temperature steam to remove the wrinkles, odors and also inactivate bacteria and viruses that are sensitive to heat. The compact and lightweight wrinkle remover is perfect to carry in your suitcase to make you look cool and refreshed every day on your vacation. Sancusto steamer can be used on various fabrics such as silk, cotton, polyester, yarn, flax, and wool. You can iron the clothes without using the ironing board to save space. The lock ON button allows you to continue steaming for 11 minutes much more conveniently.


Product Specifications

Product dimensions: 6.3 in W x 4.5 in D x 8.6 in H (16 cm W x 11.5 cm D x 21 cm H)

Cable length: 5.6 ft. (1.7 m)

Rated Voltage: 100-110V (JP) 110V (US) 220-240V(EU)

Rated Power: 1500W

Steam Temperature: 100 °C (212 °F)

Water Tank Capacity: 260 ml (8.8 ounce)



Package Contents

1 x handheld steamer
1 x fabric brush
1 x user manual

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