12V Car Heater Windshield De-Icers 2 in 1 150W Fast Heating & Cooling Cars Defogger Plug in Cigarette Lighter

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VETOMILE auto heater fan is a efficient tool of defrosting and demisting, but also a fan used in Summer and Winter. The bracket included helps you put it on dashboard stably, the fan can be mounted by screws or self adhesive Velcro. The swing-out handle provides convenience for you to hold it easier. VETOMILE auto heater fan, a must-have for car use, choose us you won’t be regret! 


Defrost & Demist: This heater fan allows you to defrost or demist your windows quickly and efficiently so you can get on the road and get to your destination. 

Heat & Cool: The temperature of wind blown by this defogger is normal air temperature, so it can be used as a fan to cool you down in the summer and warm you up in Winter. 

Angle Adjustable and Stable Base: The base can be mounted using either the screws or self adhesive Velcro pads provide so you’ll always have the heater or defroster within easy reach. The angle of the heater can be adjusted. 


The temperature is not high enough while heating-two reasons:the car accumulator’s capacity too small or its quality not good enough. 

The automatic protection function of cigarette lighter. It will automatically reduce the high current through the fuse. 

Some old cars or those with a poor accumulator may have a problem that the heater is not strong enough. Although these car’s accumulation are 12V. But their currents are only 5A-10A, in this case,the heater won’t be as hot as general. For our product, the minimum requirement for current is 10A-12A 



Color: Black and red 

Input Voltage: 12V DC 

Output Power: 150W 

Size: 16cm* 11cm* 7.5cm / 6.3’’* 4.3’’ * 2.9’’ 

Weight: 340g 

Material: ABS Plastic 

Package Contents: 

1* Car Heater Fan Defroster Demister 

1* Bracket 

1* English User Manual

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