Nobody likes to be surprised by an expensive traffic ticket just because you were driving 3km too fast in an area with barely any traffic. Nowadays, traffic sensors can be found everywhere. Naturally, we all should follow the advised speed limits but accidentally passing them every now and then happens to the best of us. And in such case, it would be a shame to pay hundreds of Dollars just because you drove a bit too fast.


Luckily, there is an easy way to get rid of your worries of getting a speeding ticket thanks to the Excelvan V7 radar detector. This little car gadget helps you to detect speed sensors in advance and reminds you to check your speed. As a result, you’ll regularly keep an eye on your speed which increases your safety on the road and significantly reduces your chance to get a ticket or to be a part of a potential accident. With this easy to use car gizmo at your side, you’ll increase your safety on the road and no longer have to worry about getting a speeding ticket ever again.



  • Degree Laser Detection

The Excelvan V7 radar supports 360-degree all-around laser detection. As of such, it is able to detect mobile speed monitors from any direction. Whenever you approach a mobile radar station, the Excelvan V7 will instantly update you. Your car gadget features a user-friendly voice alert that will keep you updated of incoming speed checks at all times. Thanks to this, you’ll have enough time to adjust your speed to make sure you won’t cross the enforced speed limits. Audio feedback can be received in both English and Russian.




Up to 2500m detection range

The state of the art laser detection sensor of the Excelvan V7 features a stunning range of up to 2500m. Thanks to this, you can be guaranteed that you’ll always be informed in a timely manner about upcoming speed checks. The car accessory features two different operation modes; one for in the city and the other for on the highway. As of such, you can be guaranteed that you’ll always receive the best and most accurate readings no matter where you’re driving your car.



Plug and Play

This car gadget features an extremely easy to use plug-and-play design. Simply plug its power cable into your car’s cigarette lighter, and you’ll be ready to go. Once powered up, your gizmo will be ready to use instantly. With its anti-slip mat, the Excelvan V7 can be easily placed anywhere on your dashboard. The simple design of your car accessory allows you to easily switch between operating modes and adjust the volume with the press of a button. If you’re looking for a simple car gadget that significantly reduces your chance to get a speeding ticket, the Excelvan V7 radar detector is perfect for you!




Field of Detection


Detection Range

250 - 2500m

Operating Modes

2: City / Highway


DV 12V



K - Band 

24.150 GHz 175 MHz 1200-2500M

K - Band 

24.125 GHz 175MHz 250 - 1200M

Ka - Band

34.700 GHz 1300MHz 800 1500M

Ka - Band

33.400 GHz 1300MHz 200 - 600M

Working Temperature

-25 C ~ 75 degrees C degrees

Adjustable Volume


Language Support

English, Russian