Boost your Motivations with APT-X driven sound, and enjoy the freedom of IPX4 Bluetooth Headphones

Whether exercising outdoors or working out at the gym, true athletes know the utility and necessity of quality earpieces, which can play quality audio as well as being lightweight. The Excelvan U12 earphones combine both quality and versatility to enhance your training experience and boost your motivation.

The Excelvan U12 is a robust, compact and lightweight headset that is made to perform and last longer. Its Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity is easy to pair up with a wide range of devices; 2 lights flashing and a voice to let you know pairing successful. Best choice if you are looking for a reliable and quality Bluetooth headset.

Hands-free calling

Features a built-in microphone which allows you to receive phone calls while being on the move. When getting an incoming call, there is no need to pull off the earphones and stop your training activity, simply press the button on OY4 and talk.

excelvan headphone u12

Hi-Fi sound quality

Designed not only for sport but for music lovers, the Excelvan U12, with no surprise, comes with a high-fidelity stereo in-ear headset. Improve your training experience thanks to its Bluetooth connectivity, which perfectly transfers HD lossless music and data at a high speed, and get rid of cumbersome and messy cables.

Ergonomic design and strong compatibility

The auricle shaped ear hook design fits in your ears perfectly and is not easy to fall off, during training. Moreover, the Excelvan U12 earphone will work with any Bluetooth capable device & A2DP enabled device such as MP3, MP4, iPad, iPhone, iPod, Android Smart Phones, tablets etc.

Long-lasting performance

Built-in rechargeable lithium battery (chargeable from any USB port) allow up to 7 hours of talk, 10 hours of music playing, and 60 hours of standby time per charge with only 2 hours speed charge needed. Keep the Excelvan U12 earphones charged and stay connected to your music and phone calls at all time.

Connect 2 devices at once

The Bluetooth 4.1 not only transfers HD lossless music smoothly but also allow simultaneous pairing with two different devices. Simultaneously connect 2 phones or one phone and one Hi-Fi music player and enjoy uninterrupted, flawless sound within a range of up to 32 feet (free space). Make the best out of this feature and deftly switch between calls and music.

IPX4 sweat-proof coating

During work out all athletes know how sweat drops can affect the sound quality from your earphones or worse cause unrecoverable damage to your headset. Our team designed the Excelvan U12 to improve your work out experiences. Make the best the IPX4 coating and keep your headphones fully functional from sweat during your long work out session.

List of specs

Bluetooth version




Operating distance

Up to 10m (free space)

Battery capacity


Talking time

7 hours

Music playing time

10 hours

Standby time

60 hours

Charging time

1.5-2 hours

Noise reduction