Excelvan Q6 Mini Projector - Turn your living room into a private cinema

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The Excelvan Q6 mini projector is a highly compact and portable LED projector that turns any dark room into a cinema. This beautiful gizmo lets you play the latest 1080p Full-HD movies. It treats you to a massive projection size to stimulate a true cinematic experience. If you have always dreamed of owning your own private cinema, this mini projector is perfect for you. Simply play your favorite movie, grab yourself some popcorn, and relax. With this mini projector at your side, you’ll be able to throw stunning movie nights that your friends and family will never forget.



Watch the Latest 1080p Movies

Although small in size, this high-end mini projector from Excelvan is capable of playing the latest Full-HD movies without dropping a frame. With 1080p movie support and a native resolution of 480p, you’ll be treated to crisp details and vivid color at all times. The projector supports a massive 176-Inch maximum screen size. Thanks to this, it’s capable of truly turning any room into a full-blown cinema. Whether you’re at home, the office, or visiting a friend - from now on you’ll always be able to enjoy your favorite movies in style.




1800-Lumen Ultra-Bright

This compact mini projector packs a state of the art 4-Inch LED that puts forth a whopping 1800 lumen of light. This light puts forth enough brightness to turn any slightly dark room into a movie paradise. The projector itself features a superior cooling system that cools down your gizmo during extensive movie marathons. It furthermore features an extremely quiet design that won’t disturb you while enjoying your movies. The LED lamp of your projector supports a lifetime of over 20,000 hours. Thanks to this, you’ll be able to enjoy all this beautiful mini projector has to offer for years to come.



Ultimate Connectivity for Games, Movies, Apps, and more

The Excelvan Q6 mini projector has been designed especially for home entertainment purposes. This sleek projector sets forth stunning color and memorizing detail while watching films or series. But that is not all; this portable projector can do so much more than projecting movies. The projector supports a number of ports including HDMI, VGA, AV, USB, and TF. This allows you to simply insert your favorite media through USB or TF, or to connect your projector to an external device. Thanks to the wide range of ports, this mini projector can be hooked up to your XBOX, PlayStation, Laptop, DVD Player, Smartphone, Tablet, and more. This allows you to play games, watch series, browse the web, and enjoy APPS. No matter what type of entertainment you’re looking for, with the Excelvan Q6 your possibilities are endless.




Compact and Stylish Design

With its sleek and compact design, the Excelvan Q6 mini projector certainly looks great. The projector comes with a modern touch panel design. This allows you to smoothly browse through all its features with a simple touch of your finger. Thanks to its lightweight and compact body, the mini projector is easy to carry around or store away. This allows you to effortlessly move it around at home or to take it along to friends to throw an unforgettable movie night. If you’re looking for an affordable gizmo that is guaranteed to treat you to years of home entertainment and fun to come, the Excelvan Q6 will be perfect for you!






Projection Tech

4" LCD TFT Projection System

Light Source



1800 Lumens

Native Resolution

800*480p, Support 1080P

Contrast Ratio


Keystone Correction

 ±15 Degree Manual



Optimal Projection Size


Optimal Projection Distance


Projection Modes

Front, Rear, Hanging Cast



Power Consumption


Lamp Life

Over 20000 Hours

Power Supply(Voltage)

AC110-240 50-60HZ

Input Port



Chinese/English/French/Spanish/Polish/Russian/Arabic, etc

Support Format


Audio: WMA, MP3


Text: TXT

Product Size

 20.8cm*15.5cm*7.7cm(8.19” * 6.1” * 3.03”)

Product Weight


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