Excelvan Electric Food Stand Mixer 1000W 5.0L : A Stylish and Powerful Helper in the Kitchen

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Since people develop their love of baking from the 17th century, a mixer has remained atop of every baker's wishlist. Indeed, a good food mixer will take all the hard work like baking, mixing the batter and kneading dough in seconds, leaving you to get on with other things.

In order to make your baking  process easier and more efficient, we introduce you the Excelvan food mixer. You will be surprised by its fantastic functionality and the elegant design from the first sight. It can work with any flour, eggs, meat, vegetables and fruits with a beater, a dough hook and a balloon whisk. Therefore, the food mixer is multifunctional and allows you to whisk, beat and knead fresh ingredients when preparing treats.


Powerful and Efficient

With an impressive 1000W motor and unique planetary rotation, the mixer delivers a better result without the effort of mixing by hand. The machine comes with a stainless steel bowl, which is classic, durable and has a 5.0L high capacity. Put the ingredients in the steel bowl and choose the ideal whisk to install on. There is a chrome knob at one side, you can select from 5-speed levels to get the ideal result.


Always Keep Your Worktop Clean

For safety reasons, the mixer will stop working automatically when the top is lifted up. A transparent cover built together with the head, to prevent ingredients from dropping on the worktop, in the meantime enables you to see clearly how the mix is going on. Built with 4 rubber suction feet, the mixer can stand stable and in situ on the desk no matter how hard the whisk tools are stirring.


Three Whisk Tools

This Excelvan food mixer comes with a dough hook, a beater and a whisk that suits your different needs. The dough hook normally used as mixes and kneads flour, making perfectly smooth and elastic dough for a variety of bread and pastries. The beater has been designed to increase efficiency and reduce beating time. It's especially good for mixing traditional fruit cakes, chocolate cakes, pastry, and biscuits. The balloon shape whisk is perfect for creating maximum volume. It mixes a lot of air into the mixture to give a light fluffy texture. It is perfect for mousses, meringues, and cheesecakes.



Product dimension: 360*215*310mm (14.17*8.46*12.20in)

Item weight: 4.5kg/9.8pounds

Color: White and Grey

Bowl capacity: 5.0L

Bowl material: Stainless steel

Speed Level: 5

Rated power: 1000W

Voltage:220-240V, 50/60Hz

Housing body material: Plastic



DO NOT keep the machine continue working for more than 15 minutes. The machine should be cooled down at least 30 minutes before the next operation.



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