EXCELVAN Car DVR Camera Radar Detector Review

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Record what happens on the route and enhance your driving experience for a safer and smarter ride.


The Excelvan car DVR camera radar detector is lightweight, compact and easy to install. It is a 2-in-1 dash cam solution which combines both a radar detector and a DVR recorder to enhance and provide a much safer driving experience. With this unit mounted on your front window, receive sound alerts ahead of a looming speed trap and reduce the risk of catching a speeding ticket. Isn’t this what every driver wants?


Not only it alerts you meters ahead of traffic police, measuring speed, but also provides HD video footage when unfortunate and unpredictable events occur on the road.


The Excelvan DVR camera radar detector is very easy to install. Simply mount this unit to the front window of your car and let it be an eye witness to your car just like a black box is to an aircraft.


Main highlights


  • 2 language switch supported, English and Russian
  • Support radar devices in all countries
  • HD 2.0 inch LCD display
  • Cruise speed limit setting: The units will send voice alert once you drive over the preset speed
  • Temporary radar mute function, eliminate noisy alert
  • 360 degrees detection angle
  • Ultra-slim, elegant, all-in-one car laser detector
  • Available for independent installation and use


Loop video recording


The Excelvan car DVR camera radar detector features a seamless video recording. It is designed to automatically overwrites older footage to save current footage instead. With its infinite loop recording, you can rest assured that all the important footage of your driving is saved and accessible to extract later on. For extra memory capacity, it also features a micro-SD slot which can support up to 64GB SD card.


Excellent Night vision


The Excelvan car DVR camera radar detector supports an excellent night vision. It captures images perfectly in low light condition and allows clear recordings in relatively dark environments. This feature is very useful when you drive at night. At night as well as during daytime, it captures smaller details, which are not normally seen by the human eyes. Make your life easier and safer with the Excelvan car DVR camera radar detector and from now on provide quality video images to back your insurance claim in case of an accident.


Wide angle & cruise speed limit


The 140-degree wide angle lens allow a larger viewing angle to be recorded. With the Excelvan car DVR camera radar detector, you will be able to record crystal clear videos of up to 4 lanes of traffic when driving on the highway. The more it sees ahead the road, the more chances it has to detect radars and the safer you are. If you are like most drivers and speed up without even realizing it, take advantage of the cruise speed limit; it lets you preset a specific speed limit and whenever you exceed it, an alarm will sound and notify you to slow down.


Important notice: needs to be charged at all times in order to keep it on, or it will power off after 5 seconds. The built-in battery is just like a capacitance, it cannot store plenty of power.


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