When traveling long distances or simply to kill time in the bus or metro, a good headset is a must for all music lovers out there. The Excelvan BT-9956 was designed with travelers' needs in mind. Enjoy great music on the move, without the inconvenience of carrying cumbersome and messy cables in your pocket or your backpack. Make the best out of the integrated buttons and enhanced your music experience.

The Excelvan BT-9956 headphone is a robust, compact and lightweight headset that is made to perform and last longer. Its Bluetooth connectivity is easy to pair up with a wide range of devices. Best choice if you are looking for a reliable and quality Bluetooth headphone. Keep the Excelvan BT-9956 charged and stay connected to your music and phone calls at all time.

Adjustable foldable design


The Excelvan BT-9956 Bluetooth headphone features a retractable headband which allows you to conveniently adjust this unit to best fit your head shape for comfort. Its foldable design lets you fold the ear cups and makes it trouble-free to carry around and to store when not in use. Very practical for daily use as well as when traveling.

Hands-free calling

Features a built-in microphone which allows you to receive phone calls, without the need for an auxiliary cable, while you are on the go. When getting an incoming call, there is no need to pull out your phone from your pocket, simply press the dedicated phonecall button (onboard) and start to talk.

Ergonomic design and strong compatibility

With its own exquisite appearance, the Excelvan BT-9956 stands out from other headphones on the market. The ear cups are equipped with soft ear cushions which envelop and provide your ears with a pleasant comfort. Moreover, the Excelvan BT-9956 headphone will work with any Bluetooth capable device & A2DP enabled device such as MP3, MP4, iPad, iPhone, iPod, Android Smart Phones, tablets, etc.

Excelvan Headphone

Control music on your headphones

Touch sensitive control panel takes your hands-free experience to the next level. Make use of the onboard buttons, and allow yourself to make the best out of all the options available on this unit. The panel comprises of power, play, pause, previous, next, volume up, volume down, picking up & hanging up phone calls buttons. Thoughtfully positioned buttons are easy to find and after few hours with the unit, you will be able to intuitively operate them.

Immersive Hi-Fi sound

Hi-Fi speakers enhance the authenticity of the sound and provide you with an exceptional listening experience. Crystal clear sound, with its Hi-Fi stereo surrounding sound effect and extra bass. Bluetooth connectivity, provides lower latency and transfers HD lossless music and data at a high speed seamlessly, and gets rid of cumbersome and messy cables.

List of specifications

Power consumption


Working voltage

DC 3.7V

Charge voltage


Signal ration


Frequency range


Charging time

2-3 hours

Play time(headphone mode)

2-3 hours

BT version

2.1 + EDR

Audio decoding format


FM range


Microphone sensitivity


Working range

10 meters without blocking