Keeping track of your health is not always easy. Weighing yourself every day and keeping track of the changes your body makes in a notebook simply is too much work for most of us. Besides, it’s likely that you do not have the right equipment at home to measure, let’s say, your body fat, body water level, and BMI.


With the Excelvan Bluetooth Body Fat Scale, all your worries of keeping track of your health will be an issue of the past. This state of the art scale features a total of 8 parameters that, together, give you a full reading on the status of your body and health. It is Bluetooth compatible with both iOS and Android phones. Along with its dedicated mobile APP, you’ll be able to easily keep track of all data without putting in any effort. Keeping track of your health has never been easier thanks to this magnificent Bluetooth body scale.


Track your health through your smartphone

With its Bluetooth connectivity, the Excelvan body scale can be easily paired with both iOS and Android phones. When synchronized, all data will be automatically transferred to and stored in the dedicated mobile Application. This makes it easy for you to keep track of your health and to keep an eye on your improvements. From now on, all your health data will be available with the touch of a finger. All data is available in both lbs. and KG.


Supports 8 parameters for a thorough body check

What sets the Excelvan Bluetooth body scale apart from other scales is the fact that it supports a total of 8 different parameters. As of such, your scale treats you to so much more information than simply your weight. The smart scale measures your BMR, weight, fat, water, bones, muscles, BMI, and visceral fat levels. Altogether, this data treats you to a detailed view of your body’s current health. For even more accurate readings, it allows you to set up a personalized profile based on age, gender, height, and fitness level. Thanks to its 8 different parameters, this digital scale is perfect for both regular usage and for professional athletes as well.


Smart scale in a sleek body

The Excelvan Bluetooth body scale features an extremely sleek design. Its compact and elegant appearance makes it a perfect gizmo for any professional gym or personal bathroom. The scale itself has been crafted out of tempered glass. This gives it a stylish appearance and provides extra durability at the same time. Thanks to its smart step-on technology, the Bluetooth scale switches itself on when you stand on top. After usage, it will shut itself down automatically. All readings can be easily analyzed on either your smartphone or the scale’s built-in back-lit LCD display. For extra comfort and safety, the scale has been equipped with a layer of soft silica gel.


Highly accurate readings

This beautiful Bluetooth scale features an accuracy of 99% on all its readings. When measuring weight, its error-margin is as little as 0.1KG. As of such, you can be guaranteed that you’ll always be treated with highly accurate and precise readings. The scale itself is able to measure up to 400lb or 180kg. It is powered by regular AA batteries that can be easily replaced when necessary. Thanks to its abundance of features and simple to use design, the Excelvan Bluetooth body scale is perfect for anybody who’s looking for an easy way to keep track of their health.





BMR, weight, fat, water, bones, muscles, BMI, visceral fat


400lbs / 180kg




4x Ultra-Precision Strain Gauge Sensors



App Support

Android 4.3 / iOS 8.0 and above


Tempered Glass


LCD Back-Lit

Battery Type


Automatic Wake/Shut Down



(12.8x 12.8x 0.8)"/(32.4x 32.4x 2.0)cm